Cold Emailing: Basics and Beyond

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In this course, Aleksandra and Carsten go through the very basics of cold emailing. 

We will be discussing the basics of Ideal Customer Profiles and how to generate them for your business. Subsequently, we will be looking at how to write your first Cold Email so that you can get a great open rate, click rate, and of course replies.

Next to a single email, we want to create great sequences of multiple emails or cadences, and although the course focuses on just emails, we will take a look at other channels as well.

Elements like Hyper-Personalization will also be touched on: 

Lastly, we will be looking at some of the analytics of cold emails and campaigns to know how to improve.

Each module comes with a dedicated syllabus for you.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started - The Warm Up
The Introduction (5:00)
The 5 Warming Steps (5:00)
Never stop warming (2:00)
Personalize your Accounts (2:00)
Syllabus Lesson I: Pre-Sending Preparations
Warming Quiz
Relevant prospects for your ICP and where to find them
Importance of your prospect list (2:00)
Deriving your ICPs (5:00)
Finding your relevant prospects (3:00)
Syllabus Section II - Relevant prospects for your ICP and where to find them
ICP Quiz
Cold Emailing 101: Writing your first Email
Subject Lines
Email Body (4:00)
Booking Links & Hyper-Personalization (3:00)
Syllabus Lesson III: Cold Emailing 101
Cold Emailing Quiz
Happy Sequencing
An introduction to Sequencing: Chanel, Length and Timings (4:00)
Anatomy of a Cold Email Sequence (3:00)
Syllabus Lesson IV: Happy Sequencing
Sequencing Quiz
Continuous Analytics & Improvement
Why you should be Tracking (4:00)
Sequence Metrics (4:00)
A/B Testing your Emails (2:00)
Syllabus Lesson V: Analytics and Improvement
Course Syllabus Cold Emailing - intro and beyond
Analytics Quiz

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