Sales.Rocks Sales Playbook

The Sales.Rocks Sales Playbook provides sales teams and agencies a framework to streamline the entire sales process and to ensure that every team member has sufficient knowledge to scale their sales skills further.

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Who is this course for?


The Sales.Rocks Sales Playbook provides a basic understanding for modern sales professionals. 

Independent from what kind of software or process you are using, the Sales.Rocks Playbook is a valuable enablement material for various types of Sales Professionals. 



Sales Consultants can use the material to level up their game for SaaS sales playbooks, while Sales Development Representatives can get a better understanding of the entire sales process beyond prospecting and qualifying. Account Executives get to learn how to prevent closing and working with timelines to really get towards a close. 

For tech founders without a commercial background this is a great resource to get to know the entire sales process:

  • How to create your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP)
  • A Sales Process blueprint
  • Understanding the Prospecting process to fill the top of your funnel
  • The Discovery Process and Discovery Call
  • The Demo and Demo Process
  • How to Close effectively so that your pipeline does not stall.

The whole course uses an interactive Sales Playbook worksheet so that you can create an entire sales process alone or with your team.


Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Sales Playbook (5:00)
Sales Playbook Worksheet
The Sales Process
Definition and Intro (15:00)
Anatomy of a Sales Process (4:00)
An Example Sales Process (4:00)
Sales Process: Exercise (4:00)
Your Ideal Customer Profile
What are Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) - and why do you need them? (7:00)
Value Proposition & Ideal Customer Profile Canvas
Crafting your Value Proposition
Crafting your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) (7:00)
Verifying your Ideal Customer Profile - Matching VP & ICP (6:00)
Finding relevant contacts for you ICP (5:00)
Complete your VP and ICP - Exercise
The Prospecting Process
Introduction to Prospecting (5:00)
Messaging and Engagement (18:00)
Channels and how to use them (15:00)
Successful Prospecting Sequences (10:00)
How to book that meeting (4:00)
The Prospecting Process (8:00)
Analytics: Measure & Improve (6:00)
Discovery Call
Introduction (5:00)
Developing Discovery Questions (15:00)
Crafting Customer Stories (3:00)
The Discovery Call Setup (4:00)
The Disovery Call Playbook (9:00)
The Discovery Call Worksheet
Post-Discovery Call (5:00)
Sales Enablement for Disco Calls (4:00)
The Discovery Call Checklist
Pitfalls and Best Practices (4:00)
The Demo Framework
Introduction (5:00)
Customer Stories Extended (4:00)
The Demo Setup (4:00)
The Demo Framework (11:00)
The Demo Storyboard
Sales Enablement for Demos (6:00)
The demo Call Workbook
Pitfalls for Demos (4:00)
Introduction (3:00)
Working with Timelines (10:00)
Understanding the decision process (3:00)
Mastering the decision criteria (4:00)
How to propose (5:00)
Ghosting and how to prevent it (8:00)
How to become a trader? (8:00)

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